Eco-efficient value creation

sustainable design and business strategies

Joost G. Vogtlander

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Eco-efficient Value Creation
It is widely recognised by economists that the goal of sustainable development is principally an equity issue. Sustainable development is a requirement to our, and future, generations to manage the resource base such that the average quality of life we ensure ourselves can potentially be shared by all future generations.
After LCA, Life Cycle Analysis, calculating the eco-costs of industrial production, and EVR, eco-efficient value creation, this book is what comes next, almost naturally: Eco-efficient value creation, EVC.

Designers have a double objective : creating products with a higher value and at the same time lower eco-costs. The reason we need to create extra value for eco-efficient products is threefold:
- people do not buy products with a lower value (compared to products with the same functionality and
- a higher price in the market is required to cover the higher production cost of green products
- a higher price prevents the rebound effect. The rebound effect refers to increased consumption that
results from actions that increase efficiency and reduce consumer costs.

The subject of this book is how designers and engineers can contribute to the required shift towards sustainability and what this means to product portfolio strategies of companies. The way towards sustainability requires a 'double obligation' of the designer of new products. Designers must create:
* lower eco-costs, and at the same time
* higher value (a higher market price)
We call this: eco-efficient value creation.

Published by VSSD
URL on this book: http://www.vssd/hlf/b021.htm
ISBN 9789065623140
Uitgever VSSD
Jaar 2013
Pagina's 141
Auteur Joost G. Vogtlander
Taal Engels
Uitvoering Paperback / softback
Druk 1
Formaat (mm) 243x172x15
Gewicht (gram) 331


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Eco-efficient value creation

Eco-efficient value creation

Eco-efficient Value Creation …

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