Let's Missbehave

Where food meets pleasure

Carlijne van Popering

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“Working with Carlijne is like dining in a 3-star restaurant.” … lees meer
“Working with Carlijne is like dining in a 3-star restaurant.”
Oos Kesbeke
Jonnie Boer & Oos Kesbeke

“Everything in this book is served piping hot, making it a true celebration.”
Michel Moet, Social Media Helden

“Exquisite culinary pleasures.”
Photographer Jan Bartelsman

“Cookbook Let’s Missbehave offers a platform for us Lady Chefs with our passionate creations!”
Chef Sylvia Fransen

Food is everything. Food is love, connection, talking. Food is desire and longing. And food is absolutely sex.
Sex is different for everyone. Just like desire and longing. What turns you on? It’s something not everyone easily talks about, but certainly something we all feel. Feeling sexy. Feeling gorgeous. Feeling wanted. Wanting to be wanted. Craving that one specific touch. Delaying it just a bit more. Desire building so fast, you can’t hold out any longer. That special kiss. A hand in your neck, caressing your face. Fingers running through your hair. Feeling your body respond to a thought, or a glimpse of a body part. All of it a part of seduction and sensuality.

An erotic cookbook that brings us together, encouraging us to grow together. Erotic stories that tease you combined with mouth-watering recipes that activate all of your senses …
Every word, every image, was selected to tempt and to excite, to fantasise about, to invite you to use your imagination. One of you will be standing in the kitchen, the other diving into the stories. Building up the tension together, getting excited by the stories and aroused by the smells coming from the kitchen. From your earlobes, right down to your toes and back. Let’s get back to sex and sensuality. Let’s bring back feeling. Temptation. Talking. Laughing. Playing. Connecting.

Let’s Misbehave ‘where food meets pleasure’
ISBN 9789090324579
Uitgever Cooking and Connecting
Jaar 2019
Pagina's 160
Auteur Carlijne van Popering
Taal Engels
Uitvoering Hardback
Druk 1
Formaat (mm) 294x213x19
Gewicht (gram) 990


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Let's Missbehave

Let's Missbehave

“Working with Carlijne is like dining in a 3-star restaurant.” …