Delicious gluten and lactose free

Viviane Vaes

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Delicious Gluten and Lactose-Free
Carefree and culinary dining

For many people, the diagnosis of gluten or lactose-intolerance hits hard. They fear that they will no longer be able to enjoy a cozy family meal, dining with friends, or having fun in the kitchen. We will not deny that you have to change your diet. But with enough information and inspiration, you can still enjoy a tasty and healthy meal.

In Delicious Gluten and Lactose-Free Viviane Vaes serves you variety recipes that everyone can use at home. Everyday recipes are interchanged with festive dishes, so you can use the book for any occasion. In addition, you will also find handy shopping lists, and simple alternatives for ingredients that contain gluten or lactose.

This book proves you can always enjoy culinary food, even without gluten or lactose.

What can you expect from this book?
• More than 60 recipes, from soups to desserts, easy to prepare at home.
• Useful and clear information around gluten- and lactose intolerance.
• Handy shopping lists, tips and tricks, and best practices.

About the author:

Viviane Vaes has been passionate about nutrition all her life. She took her first culinary steps in the food shop of her grandmother and parents. Meanwhile, she has more than thirty years of experience in all areas of the catering industry. She was also a teacher at Hotel School Hasselt Furthermore, she is a food nutritionist and allergy-consultant.

As the manager of Choosy & Delicious, it is her mission to get rid of the prejudice that people with food allergies cannot enjoy a tasty and healthy gourmet meal. Viviane's in-depth knowledge of nutrition makes her conjure up alternative recipes that anyone with a food allergy can enjoy.
ISBN 9789082733020
Uitgever ABC Uitgeverij
Jaar 2018
Pagina's 168
Auteur Viviane Vaes
Taal Engels
Uitvoering Hardback
Druk 1
Formaat (mm) 249x173x18
Gewicht (gram) 705


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Delicious gluten and lactose free

Delicious gluten and lactose free

Delicious Gluten and Lactose-Free …